Strategie- und Grundsatzpapiere (Policy Papers)

Im Laufe der Jahre hat CORE eine größere Anzahl von Strategie- und Grundsatzpapieren (Policy Papers) zu OSZE-relevanten Fragen erarbeitet. Sie wurden durch das Auswärtige Amt und die Außenministerien mehrerer anderer OSZE-Teilnehmerstaaten in Auftrag gegeben. Viele dieser Papiere waren interne Analysen, eine Reihe von ihnen wurde veröffentlicht. Häufig wurden sie als CORE Working Papers publiziert. Diese Analysen umfassen unter anderem die folgenden Papiere:

2015, policy paper “Experiences of the Swiss OSCE Chairmanship 2014”
2015, policy paper “Co-operative Policy with Russia in the OSCE”
2014, study “Preparing and Conducting an OSCE Oral History Meeting”
2013, policy paper “Experiences of Successful OSCE Chairmanships”
2012, international reportTowards a Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian Security Community. From Vision to Reality (IDEAS Report)” [booklet]
2012, policy paper “Enhancing the Role of the Secretary General?”
2011, policy paperOSCE Conflict Management and the Kyrgyz Experience in 2010” [CORE Working Paper]
2010, policy paperOptions for OSCE Field Operations” [CORE Working Paper]
2010, policy paper “Options for Strengthening the OSCE High Commissioner on
National Minorities (HCNM)”
2009, policy paperOSCE Efforts to Promote the Rule of Law. History, Structures, Survey” [CORE Working Paper]
2009, policy paper “Identifying Topics and Projects for Co-operation with Ukraine within the OSCE Framework”
2008, policy paper “OSCE Election Observation. Current Situation and Options for Dialogue with Russia and other CIS Members”
2008, policy paper “Russia and the European Union within the OSCE: Political Environment, Options for Co-operation and Joint Initiatives”
2007, policy paper "OSCE on Tolerance and Non-Discrimination. Wishing a Review…"
2007, policy paper "The OSCE Energy Security Dialogue. Modest Needs for Campaigning, Connecting, Implementing"
2007, policy paper "China as a Possible OSCE Asian Partner for Cooperation"
2007, international report "Identifying the Cutting Edge: The Future Impact of the OSCE" [booklet]
2006, policy paper “Assistance Approaches to Civil Society Organizations and Initiatives in Belarus”
2006, policy paper “Thematic OSCE Field Missions: General Considerations, Definition, Options”
2006, policy paper “OSCE Reform and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly”
2006, policy paperOptions for a General OSCE Human Dimension Monitoring Instrument” [booklet]
2005, international reportManaging Change in Europe - Evaluating the OSCE and Its Future Role: Competencies, Capabilities, and Missions” [booklet]
2005, OSCE bookletThe Culture of Dialogue. The OSCE Acquis 30 Years after Helsinki” [booklet]
2005, policy paper “Economic Tools for International Conflict Management in Trans-dniestria and South Ossetia”
2005, policy paper “Prospects for Sharing the OSCE Acquis and Know-how with the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF)”
2005, policy paper “EU and OSCE Project Activities in Central Asia - Parallel Activities, Overlapping, Deficits and Synergies”
2004, policy paper “The Relations between the OSCE, Its Mediterranean Partners and Partners in Asia – Historical Developments and Options for Future Activities”
2004, policy paper “The Relationship of the EU and OSCE Acquis Concerning Minority Protection – Status Quo and Policy Options in Albania, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia”
2004, policy paperThe Court of Conciliation and Arbitration within the OSCE. Working Methods, Procedures and Composition” [CORE Working Paper]