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Annual Reports of the IFSH

The Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH) was founded in June 1971. It is an independent research institution in form a foundation under civil law. The institute's statutory purpose is to "deal with problems of security policy within the context of peace research while meeting the criteria of independent research and teaching, promotion of young researchers and publication of research findings". The institute publishes an annual report on its activities.

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Nachdruck, auch auszugsweise, nur mit Genehmigung des IFSH.
Reproduction, even in part, only with authorization of IFSH. Orders can only be accepted on a limited scale. Please address enquiries to:
Institut für Friedensforschung
und Sicherheitspolitik
an der Universität Hamburg
Beim Schlump 83
20144 Hamburg
Fax 040 866 36 15