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Historical Impressions

IFSH Directors

Dr. Michael Brzoska
has been Director of IFSH and Chairman of the Board
from February 2006 until September 2016.

Dr. Reinhard Mutz
From 2003 until January 2006 Dr. Reinhard Mutz was Interim Director of the Institute.



Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter S. Lutz
From June 1st, 1994 until his death on January 13, 2003, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter S. Lutz was Director of IFSH and Chairman of the Board. He had worked at the Institute since 1976, first as Deputy Director, then from 1984 as Managing Director.

Bundesminister a.D. Prof. Egon Bahr
Federal Minister (ret.) Prof. Egon Bahr was Director and Chairman of the IFSH Board from 1984 to 1994



General a.D. Professor Wolf Graf von Baudissin
was Director and Chairman of the IFSH Board from 1971 to 1984.

Inauguration of the new Director, Dr. Michael Brzoska

On February 1st, 2006 Dr. Michael Brzoska (left) took over the leadership of the Institute (here with his predecessor, Dr. Reinhard Mutz)

Guests at IFSH

On 28. March 1989, - before the „fall“ of the wall - the first so-called „Generals’ Meeting” took place. Officers of the Army of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the National Peoples’ Army of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) met with each other. (From left to right) GDR officers Schuster, Arnold, Hübner und Lehmann. Peace researchers Lutz und Bahr. FRG officers Hagena, Werner, Achmann und Souchon.

Federal Minister (ret.) Prof. Egon Bahr, former Director of IFSH, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Oskar Arias (right) in September 1990 at IFSH.

The visit of Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Michail Gorbatschow to IFSH on 11. March 1992. Next to Gorbatschow are Egon Bahr and Dieter S. Lutz.

Left: The philosopher and physicist, Prof. Dr. Carl-Friedrich von Weizäcker, who contributed significantly to the founding of IFSH at the end of the 1960’s.

In February 1993 IFSH organized a symposium on the question of disarmament and weapons control. At the same time it presented the first draft of its concept for a new system for European security, the later ESG model. In the picture from left to right, Egon Bahr talking with Ambassador (ret.) Jonathan Dean/USA and Ambassador John Kornblum/USA.

The 25th Anniversary Celebration of IFSH

Speakers on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary celebration of IFSH in September 1996 at the City Hall of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (from left to right) Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter S. Lutz, Dr. Henning Voscherau, Mayor, Federal President, Roman Herzog; right: Judicial Senator, Wolfgang Hoffman-Riem.

The High Commissioner for National Minorities of OSCE and former Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Max van der Stoel, is one of the most respected politicians in Europe. His speech during the 25th Anniversary celebrations of IFSH had to be postponed several times because of urgent missions to trouble spots in current conflicts. Van der Stoel’s talk (photo left) took place on 03 March 1997.

IFSH Events

Conference on "Security in the 'Broader Middle East': A Challenge for NATO and the EU" on 9./10. December 2004.
Conference panel: (from left to right). Dr. Jochen Hippler, Lt. Col. Roland Kästner, Andreas Zumach.

Commemoration ceremony, 100. Anniversary of Wolf Graf von Baudissins
From left to right: Prof. Dr. Claus von Rosen, Dr. Detlef Bald, Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Gießmann, Dr. Hans-Günter Fröhling

Detlef Bald, Hans-Joachim Gießmann (r.)

Prof. Dr. Michael Brzoska

Events at the University

On 7. May 1997, at the invitation of the Director of IFSH, Federal Chancellor (ret.) Helmut Schmidt gave a lecture at the University of Hamburg on the topic of “Globalisation and its Repercussions on the Economy and Democracy.”

The Director of IFSH, Prof. Egon Bahr, at his farewell function at the University of Hamburg in January 19994. Ulrich Wickert, Moderator of the ARD program “Topics of the Day” posed questions to Egon Bahr. .

Podiumsdiskussion im Rahmen der Vorlesungsreihe "Mensch.Macht.Frieden" am 13. Januar 2005 mit Bundekanzler a.D. Helmut Schmidt, Botschafterin Prof. Dr. Irena Lipowicz, Dr. Theo Sommer, Prof. Dr. Gesine Schwan, Prof. Dr. Alfred Grosser und Universitätspräsident Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lüthje (v.l.n.r.). Veranstalter waren die Universität Hamburg und das IFSH.

On June 15, 2006, Dr. Michael Brzoska (l.) held his inaugural lecture at the University of Hamburg on the topic of „Peace Export? Successes and limits of international intervention in the areas of conflict containment and post-war consolidation" Dr. Jürgen Lüthje, President of the University of Hamburg introduced the event.

Master´s Degree Presentation Ceremony for the Fist Graduating Class of the "Master of Peace and Security Studies" Program on 15 October 2003 at the University of Hamburg

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Volker Rittberger (President of the German Foundation for Peace Research), Prof. Dr. Hans J. Gießmann (Deputy Director of IFSH) and Dr. Peter Struck (German Minister of Defence)

Presentation of diplomas by Prof. Dr. Holger Fischer ( Vice-President of the University of Hamburg)

German Minister of Defence, Dr. Peter Struck during his speech. The speeches are printed in the “Hamburg Articles on Peach Research and Security Policy”, Vol. 133.