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The IFSH Documentation Unit is available to in-house researchers and "Master of Peace and Security Studies" students.


Literature Reference Databank (FIV)
OSCE Networking Website
Network databank of in-house sources "Politics and Peace Guide"


Dipl.-Pol. Uwe Polley (Documentalist)
Phone: +49 40 / 866 077 52

The Documentation Unit of IFSH is available to scholars at the Institute as well as to students of the Master of Peace and Security Studies program, attached to the Institute. It compiles literature references and bibliographies from written and electronic sources on all thematic areas of peace research and security policy and provides written and verbal technical information for the scholars at the Institute.

Areas of Competency

1. Literature Reference Data Bank (FIV) 2. Systems Data Bank of internet resources on "Politics and Peace Guide"



Literature Reference Data Bank (FIV): IFSH is a member in the “International Relations and Area Studies” (FIV-IBLK) and its Database “World Affairs Online” (WAO) , a joint professional information infrastructure for 12 German social science research institutes in Germany. Together they compile a uniformly structured and integrated literature and factual data base and produce joint specialized information products for the fields of international relations and area studies under the leadership of the SWP (Foundation for Science and Politics). The goal of this cooperative is making professional, comprehensive and differentiated information accessible for political practice, research and teaching, business and the general public

Thus the Documentation Unit of IFSH makes available the thematic field of OSCE and CSCE to the Literature Reference Data Bank of this cooperative organization. Relevant articles from monographs, anthologies and journal articles as well as gray literature and documents have been filed bibliographically, their content described as keywords (according to the WAO-Thesaurus) – to some extent expanded with abstracts – and put into the joint WAO data bank.

The literature references of the WAO documentation, which reflect the main themes of the scholarly work of their respective institutes, are, in this way, searchable thematically. They are available to all twelve FIV member organizations for literature research.

See also: The Homepage of the Expert Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies (FIV):


n addition, the literature data of the FIV Institutes are regularly filed in two special catalogues available at no cost to the interested public

Ireonportal for searches in German for searches in English


as well as in the Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog (KVK)

Within the framework of the DFG-supported project of the state and university library of Hamburg „Virtual Professional Library of Political Science/Peace Research” (Vitapol), IFSH and its Documentation Unit participate in the on-going expansion and updating of the Joint Data Bank Internet sources, the so-called “Politics and Peace Guide” Topic Overview (Outline) and a search engine.