Context Column


Reem Ahmed and Regina at the ISA Annual Convention 2017 in Baltimore

Reem Ahmed and Regina Heller represented IFSH at this year’s ISA Annual Convention that took place from February 22-25, in Baltimore/Maryland, USA. Under the theme ”Understanding Change in World Politics” the convention dealt with different manifestations, actors, markers, sources, and implications of change in the international sphere. Regina Heller presented first findings from her DFG research project "Claiming Respect. The socio-emotional dimension of Russia's relations with the West" in a paper entitled “Changing Anger Patterns in Russian Foreign Policy Towards the West: Perceived Status Deprivation and its Consequences”. Reem Ahmed and Daniela Pisoiu presented an exploratory study entitled “The (Extreme) Right Online”, which was based on a Twitter dataset of right-wing extremists compiled by VOX-Pol researchers.