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Workshop „The Road to the Charter of Paris“

On 4-5 September 2017, 25 members of the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions met in Paris with historians and retired diplomats to discuss the negotiations that led to the CSCE Charter of Paris (1990).
The aim was to identify the various interests and ideas that were incorporated in the Charter and which may continue to be represented in different perspectives even today. The workshop was part of the Network project “The Road to the Charter of Paris. Historical Narratives and Lessons for the OSCE Today”, which aims to contribute to a better mutual understanding of divergent security policy narratives.
Among the participants were the former Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Anatolii Adamishin, the former OSCE Secretary General Wilhelm Höynck, the former Polish Foreign Minister Adam Daniel Rotfeld und the ambassadors Marianne von Grünigen (Switzerland), William H. Hill und John J. Maresca (USA), Pierre Morel (France), Stefan Lehne (Austria), Markku Reimaa (Finland) und Jerzy M. Nowak (Poland). CORE was represented by its Head, Wolfgang Zellner, and Deputy Head, Frank Evers.