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Internship / Placement

The IFSH offers unpaid internships (placements) for advanced students who have completed at least three semesters of their first degree.

Interns are assigned a personal supervisor, whom they assist. The tasks they are required to perform depend upon their supervisor’s current projects. Typical tasks include research, book reviewing, documentation and translation, depending on the skills the intern brings. Participation in academic meetings and the IFSH’s weekly research colloquium offers insights into the planning, execution and evaluation of academic projects with a high degree of practical relevance and topicality

Internships generally last at least six weeks. The IFSH is only able to accept enrolled students. If the internship is intended to be longer than 6 weeks, students need to give a proof that this is in order to fulfill their course requirements. This generally does not apply to graduates that are between two degrees (i.e. BA and MA or MA and PhD).

Demand for internship placements is always highest during the semester break. As capacities are limited, we must ask all applicants to send us their applications at least six to twelve months before the internship is due to begin. This will also allow us to provide applicants with a timely response. The application should detail three preferred sets of dates for the internship/placement (a minimum of six weeks each).

As well as a covering letter (letter of motivation), the application should include a résumé/curriculum vitae (including contact details and a photograph, an overview of professional experience, language skills and academic achievements (including grades, where appropriate). If the internship length is to exceed 6 weeks, supporting documents illustrating the requirement of an internship or financial funding (see above) are to be included. The cover letter should state which IFSH research unit (ZEUS, IFAR, CORE) the candidate would prefer to be placed with, and detail relevant qualifications and interests he or she brings to that area.

**The internship procedure is currently being changed. Please do not send enquiries until December 2018**

Please send all enquiries and applications (a single pdf document < 3 mb) directly to:

Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH),
Beim Schlump 83,
20144 Hamburg,