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PhD Doctoral Program

The PhD program at the IFSH offers support for suitable candidates continuing on a broader basis the intensive support it has long offered young researchers.  On the basis of cooperation agreements with the University of Hamburg and GIGA (German Institute for Global and Area Studies) students at the IFSH can participate in activities of their structured PhD programs.

Students on the program are offered supervision by experienced IFSH researchers. This enables them to  complete their dissertation while attaining key qualifications for careers in areas related to the work of the IFSH – both in academia and elsewhere. In addition, IFSH researchers are involved in the supervision of students who are doing research at institution affiliated with the IFSH Most doctoral students are affiliated to Graduate Schools of the University of Hamburg, but this is not a condition for participation in the PhD program. 

Admission requirements of the University Hamburg are listed on the  University’s website: They include an above-average science, social science or humanities degree at master’s level or higher. The IFSH conducts its own selection procedure. A good knowledge of the fundamentals of peace research, and a dissertation topic in line with the current research program of the IFSH are expected. Doctoral students at the IFSH participate in working groups and research projects and are assigned personal advisors according the topics of their dissertations. A program director is responsible for the overall management of the program. 

The aim of the PhD program is to facilitate both academic and practical, career-oriented learning by offering the integration of young scholars into the research activities of the IFSH. Participation in regular doctoral seminars and weekly IFSH research workshops helps students to deepen and broaden their knowledge of theories and methodologies while gaining an insight into current problems in peace research. These seminars and workshops also provide doctoral students with an opportunity to present their work-in-progress to a forum of professional experts.

The IFSH does not offer funding itself. Suitable candidates will however be provided with support in applying for scholarships.