Working Towards a Reduced Role of Tactical Nuclear Weapons in European Security

Project Review

The project sought to advance understanding of and support for steps to reduce the role and number of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe and Russia in the context of broader efforts to diminish the salience of nuclear weapons in Europe. It also explored further opportunities for a more substantive US-Russian and NATO-Russian TNW dialogue, with a view to reductions and their eventual elimination under a future nuclear accord. Activities included roundtables in key countries, publications and outreach activities, the organization of delegations of former and current officials to discuss key policy options, as well as work with Parliamentarians in NATO member states.
The project was funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and conducted by the IFSH in cooperation with the Arms Control Association (ACA) and the British American Security Information Council (BASIC).

Researcher: Prof. Dr. Götz Neuneck, Dr. Oliver Meier, Katarzyna Kubiak
Funding: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Timeframe: 2010-2013