12 June: Presentation of Peace Report 2023

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On Monday, 12 June, the editors are going to present the new Peace Report at the "Bundespressekonferenz" at 1 p.m. in Berlin.

Russia's war against Ukraine, pandemic, climate change and extreme weather events: More and more new crises are shaking societies around the world. At the same time, the number of violent conflicts is rising, often involving non-state, irregular militias and rebels. The Peace Report 2023 shows the scope for action that German policy-makers have in peace and security policy after the "Zeitenwende". Central topics are increasing resilience in the Global South in the face of multiple crises and developing an approach to rethink arms control and protect against disinformation. The focus is also on the intelligent design of trade with inconvenient partners, the promotion of cooperative relations and the fight against the polarisation of democratic societies.

Find more info on https://www.friedensgutachten.de/en and on our IFSH Science & World Affairs page on Peace Report.