Peace Report 2023 published – Presentation at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin

The editors at the presentation of the Peace Report at the Federal Press Conference: (f.l.t.r.) Conrad Schetter (BICC), Ursula Schröder (IFSH), Nicole Deitelhoff (HSFK), Tobias Debiel (INEF). (c) HSFK


In the second year of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, there is no end in sight to the violence and the global repercussions are becoming increasingly apparent. The European NATO states should prepare for long-term support for Ukraine. This is the assessment of Germany's leading peace and conflict research institutes in their Peace Report 2023 presented today. The institutes also recommend sanctioning the Wagner Group, expanding multilateral arms control and strengthening unstable societies in the Global South. The Peace Report 2023, entitled "Still a long way from peace", presents clear recommendations for German policy after the "turn of the times".

Press release"Peace Report 2023: Leading German Peace Researchers Call for Further Support for Ukraine and Expansion of Multilateral Arms Control" (pdf, in English)

The recommendations of the German peace and conflict research institutes to the German government can be found here (English version).


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