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MALE-Drone Proliferation in Europe: IFAR Working Paper

MALE-Drone Proliferation in Europe: Assessing the Status Quo Regarding Acquisition, Research and Development, and Employment


By Johanna Polle


Military drones of the MALE-category (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) are steadily proliferating in Europe. Due to the rapid developments, staying up to date on what is happening in the areas of acquisition, research and development (R&D), and employment can prove difficult. That is why this working paper contributes a comprehensive overview of the proliferation of armed and unarmed MALE-drones in Europe. It examines the current state of affairs regarding the possession and procurement, R&D cooperation, and use of MALE-drones among European countries. Furthermore, it aims to identify overarching trends for the next years.


IFAR Working Paper #21