• Chairman of Munich Security Conference opens NSRI in Hamburg

    Dr. Ulrich Kühn

    At the invitation of the IFSH and the Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, international nuclear weapons experts will spend four…

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  • Interconnected Security in the Barents, Baltic and Black Sea: initial meeting in Tromsø

    Dr. Alexander Graef Dr. Patricia Schneider

    IFSH researcher Dr. Alexander Graef (“Arms Control and Emerging Technologies”) and , Dr. Patricia Schneider, senior research fellow (of the department “European Peace and Security Orders” with a focus…

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  • Second Mayor of Hamburg Katharina Fegebank opens the Hamburg (Insecurity) Sessions

    Enough with the horror scenarios and grim predictions for the future: How can we make the world safer and more liveable? At the invitation of the IFSH, scholars, political decision makers and…

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  • „The new instability“ – new publication

    In his latest publication IFSH expert on arms control, Ulrich Kühn, shows the background of the end of the INF Treaty. Read the full article here.

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