In April 2019, Christian Alwardt joined the “Arms Control and Emerging Technologies” project as senior researcher at the IFSH. Furthermore, he is head of the research project “Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence as Game Changers?” that is funded by the DSF. Since 2008, Christian Alwardt has been conducting research about questions regarding security and arms control policy at the IFSH. In addition, he is involved in expert committees, acts as a media contact and advises ministries and committees. Christian Alwardt studied physics, business administration and international relations at the University of Hamburg and graduated with a degree in physics. As part of his research at the CLISAP Cluster of Excellence, he received his doctorate in natural sciences in 2015. He is co-spokesman of the DPG's Physics and Disarmament working group and is involved in the FONAS research network.

Research Profile | Current Projects

Christian Alwardt’s research deals with questions that require both a scientific and technical perspective, and a peace and security policy perspective. The special focus of his interdisciplinary research and consulting lies on the analysis of new technologies and their possible influence on warfare and (inter)national security. He examines the functioning and capabilities of arms projects in order to assess their potential impact on regional and strategic stability. The main objective is to identify appropriate arms control and non-proliferation instruments capable of mitigating risks and dangers. Christian Alwardt deals with digitization and cyber security, the automation of weapons systems, air and missile defence, and space issues, as well as conventional and nuclear arms control.

Selected Publications

  • Alwardt, Christian. 2020.
    US Missile Defence Efforts and Chinese Reservations in East Asia.
    Asian Affairs 51 (3): 605-620. DOI: 10.1080/03068374.2020.1802964.
  • Alwardt, Christian. 2019.
    Unbemannte Systeme als Herausforderung für die Rüstungs- und Exportkontrolle.
    In: Unbemannte Waffen und ihre ethische Legitimierung, edited by Ines-Jaqueline Werkner, Marco Hofheinz, 85-109. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-658-26947-0_5.
  • Alwardt, Christian, Johanna Polle. 2018.
    Internationale Rüstungskontrollbemühungen zu autonomen Waffensystemen: Definitionen, Technik und sicherheitspolitische Implikationen.
    S+F, Sicherheit und Frieden - Security and Peace 36 (3): 133-139. DOI: 10.5771/0175-274X-2018-3-133.
  • Alwardt, Christian, Götz Neuneck, Katarzyna Kubiak. 2017.
    Nukleare Rüstungskontrolle.
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  • Neuneck, Götz, Christian Alwardt, Hans Christian Gils. 2015.
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