Barbara Kunz has been a researcher at IFSH since 2019, where she primarily works on European security and defense affairs. Prior to joining IFSH, she spent over four years as a research fellow at the Institut français des relations internationales in Paris, mainly focusing on European and Franco-German defense cooperation. Previous stations of her career include Genshagen Foundation close to Berlin, Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies in Stockholm.
Barbara Kunz studied political science and international relations at the Institut d’études politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris. She also holds a PhD from Stockholm University, awarded for a dissertation on US foreign policies toward Poland, Ukraine and Belarus after the end of the cold war. In the context of her doctoral studies, she was a visiting fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations (SAIS/Johns Hopkins University) in Washington DC.


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Barbara Kunz analyses how Europeans together can respond to 21 century security challenges. The debate on European strategic autonomy and its possible declinations is currently at the heart of her interest, not least against the backdrop of a changing transatlantic relationship. In this context, she mainly focuses on the various national approaches – in particular in Germany, France and Northern Europe – and developments in relevant organizations, notably the European Union and NATO.
Her articles and commentaries based on her research were inter alia published in War on the Rocks, Internationale Politik, Le Monde, Zeit online as well as policy papers by European and US Think Tanks such as Ifri, NUPI or the German Marshall Fund of the United States.


Selected Publications