Oscar Prust is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Arms Control and Emerging Technologies Project at the IFSH, focusing on military artificial intelligence in legislative-executive relations. During his studies of political science and law, he focused on international law and international security policy. He currently works as a research assistant at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, where he is also a PhD student at the Chair of International Relations and European Politics. During his studies, Oscar Prust has spent time at the University of Marburg, the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Université Catholique de Lille. He completed several internships and part-time jobs in various governmental organizations, including the German Foreign Office and the European Parliament.

Research Profile | Current Projects

Oscar's research focuses on the military technological implications of emerging technologies, particularly AI. He examines national foreign and security policies regarding military AI, such as relevant international negotiations and multilateral arms projects, as well as the ambiguous effects of autonomously operating weapons on contemporary warfare. In the face of stagnant international regulatory efforts and evolving dynamics shaped by technological advances, he highlights the need and options for corrective national action. His research aims to pave the way for more effective and adaptive governance of military AI, arguing for greater national and regional responsibility. From a more legal research perspective, Oscar also seeks to provide insights into the interplay and problems of legislative and executive bodies in the changing realm of security policy. In his dissertation, Oscar Prust examines the evolution and variation of parliamentary oversight mechanisms in light of the security implications of military AI in selected NATO countries.

Selected Publications

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  • Varwick, Johannes, Oscar Prust. 2023.
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  • Prust, Oscar. 2023.
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  • Prust, Oscar. 2022.
    Drohnen, Cyber und moderne Waffentechnologie im Ukrainekrieg: Gamechanger oder Randaspekt?.
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