Patricia Schneider is senior researcher at the IFSH. She is lecturer and academic coordinator of the “Peace and Security Studies” Master’s program, as well as co-editor of the quarterly journal “S+F. Sicherheit und Frieden - Security and Peace”. She was co-leader of the BMBF-project “PiraT – Piracy and Maritime Terrorism as a Challenge for Maritime Trade Security”. Patricia Schneider studied political science and economics at the Universities of Bamberg, Galway/Ireland and Hamburg, and graduated in 1998. In 2003, she earned her PhD at the University of Hamburg with a dissertation on “International jurisdiction as an instrument of peaceful dispute resolution”.

Research Profile | Current Projects

At the heart of Patricia Schneider's scientific work is the regulation of conflicts aimed at reducing the risks of collective violence, whether in the area of "peace through law", for example through international criminal justice, or in dealing with states or with non-state actors such as terrorists or pirates, and private actors such as private security companies (at sea), economic actors and their involvement. In the field of Maritime Security and Ocean Governance, her research focuses on the cooperation mechanisms of (inter-) national security actors at mission level (D, VN, EU, NATO) or at the political level. Issues of (maritime) migration are analyzed, in particular with regard to their effects on security and peace in Germany and Europe. Her main research areas are maritime security /Ocean Governance, international terrorism, international jurisdiction and (maritime) migration.

Selected Publications

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