Benjamin Tallis is a senior researcher at the IFSH. He studied Economics at the University of Sheffield and completed a PhD in International Politics at the University of Manchester. In his main role he is Senior Researcher at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, where since 2015 he has edited the academic journal New Perspectives and where, between 2015-2017, he was the head of the Centre for European Security. In these roles Benjamin Tallis has combined academic research with policy advice to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a variety of European, North American and Asian governments. He contributed to the drafting of the EU Global Strategy (2016) and advised on the process of EU visa liberalisation for Ukraine. Benjamin Tallis worked as an EU security practitioner (with diplomatic status) and a former European International Studies Association (EISA) governing board member.

Research Profile | Current Projects

Benjamin Tallis contributes to the political aspects of the "Arms Control and Emerging Technologies" project at IFSH, focusing on the implications of these issues for the European Peace and Security Order and, particularly, on how they are entangled with the way we imagine the future. He has published widely on issues relating to European security and politics as well as on wider questions of international relations. His work has appeared in journals such as Security Dialogue, International Politics and International Relations. He has conducted extensive research on the politics of security, mobility, migration and borders in Europe, which is the subject of his forthcoming book. He has several forthcoming pieces on cultural politics, including the international politics of architecture and connections between landscape (including landscape painting) and international relations, which is the subject of a new research project that he is undertaking.


Selected Publications