Since February 2020, Viktoria Vogt has been working as a researcher on the IFSH project “Research and Knowledge Transfer Hub Security Sector Reform (SSR Hub)”. The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and Viktoria Vogt has a long term post with the FFO’s stabilisation unit where she works as a consultant for security sector reform and governance. She studied law, political science and economics in Berlin, Salzburg and Milan and obtained an MA in European Union Studies. In 2016, she worked as a research and teaching assistant on questions of comparative constitutional law at Bocconi University in Milan. From 2017-2019, she worked as a consultant on matters of rule of law reform at the FFO’s stabilisation unit.

Research Profile | Current Projects

In her work, Viktoria Vogt focusses primarily on the interaction of security sector reform and governance within reform projects, and on how research can inform policy actors’ actions. She is currently concentrating on bilateral and multilateral police reform projects and their inclusion of questions surrounding governance in implementation and design. In addition, she is interested in approaches to complement transitional justice processes that go beyond truth commissions.