War in Ukraine

“Ask the IFSH!”

There is war in Ukraine. Many people, also here in Hamburg, are asking themselves how it could come to the war, what the concrete background is and what consequences the war will have – for Ukraine, for Europe, for all of us.

With “Ask the IFSH!”, the IFSH offers current peace and security policy discussion formats on the Ukraine war, especially for Hamburg residents but also for other citizens. Our scientists discuss the war in Ukraine with you in an informative and descriptive manner – in person or virtual (e.g. via Zoom). Whether school classes, associations, citizens' initiatives, etc., we answer your questions, explain complex issues and discuss peace policy perspectives on the war together with you.

Please find further information here or contact us directly: frag-nach@remove-this.ifsh.de.

If you are a journalist, we are happy to hear from you via our press site.


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