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    Dr. Ursula Schröder (Head) / Dr. Patricia Schneider (Coordination)

    Are you interested in the connections between peace research and security policy? You want to learn more about strategies for avoiding or reducing violent conflicts and what conclusions politics…

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Short & Sweet

About the IFSH

What does the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy do? And who benefits from it? In our new video series "Short & Sweet", Prof Ursula Schröder answers four central questions about the IFSH - in under three minutes!

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Security policy explained simply

Arms race: Dark past or current danger?

NATO double-track, Pershing II missiles, underground nuclear bunkers: 1983 is considered one of the most dangerous years during the Cold War. More than one million people took to the streets in the Federal Republic of Germany at the time to demonstrate against the arms race. The Cold War is now history and its dangers seemed to have been overcome forever. But contracts from that time, which were intended to protect against armament, are expiring or are being terminated. Almost unnoticed by the public, a new era of the arms race has begun, this time with even more powerful bombs and new technologies.
Short and easy to understand, our animated explanatory video shows the dangers of the modern arms race.

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New publication series: IFSH Research Report

The new IFSH Research Report series publishes the recent work of our IFSH members. In the first issue, Ann-Kathrin Benner and Delf Rothe – together with Sara Ullström and Johannes Stripple from the University of Lund – discuss the role of violence in collective imaginaries of climate change.

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