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The Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy is an independent research institution at the University of Hamburg. The two terms in the institute's name highlight the central hypothesis underlying its work: Ensuring peace and providing security are two sides of the same coin. They cannot be pursued in isolation from each other. The work of the institute is thus underpinned by the postulate of a security policy that is both effective and geared to the use of peaceful means.

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Research and Consulting
Intermediate-term Work Programme 2013 - 2018
Contemporary Peace Strategies – Peace and Security Policy at the Fault Lines of Globalisation

In the course of its new work programme the IFSH will focus on the concepts of peace and peace policy as well as on the altered challenges of a contemporary peace theory and peace policy. The IFSH intends to analyse both the basic assumptions underlying well-established peace strategies and whether those still appropriately justify actions taken in the process of globalisation. In consequence, it will also be considered how peace strategies should be adjusted in order to take account of the prevailing circumstances. 

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Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy
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