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  • Hamburg and the OSCE

    Dr Frank Evers und Dr Cornelius Friesendorf
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  • Playing Football at the "Führungsakademie"

    Dr Margret Johannsen
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  • Workshop on Democratic Security


    Security is often seen as a problem for or even as opposed to democracy, for example through governmental prerogatives or discourses of existential threats. The widening and deepening of security as…

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  • Video: Presentation of the project results and interactive website

    Körber Strategic Stability Initiative - A joint project with the Körber Foundation

    How can we prevent competition between great powers from escalating into open military conflict? In cooperation with the IFSH, the Körber Strategic Stability Initiative developed 19 policy…

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  • New publication: Security, Peace, Conflict, and the Anthropocene


    The new journal article by Dr Judith Nora Hardt analyses the connections between peace, conflict and security with the geological age of the Anthropocene. The author also examines the challenges…

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  • The Deep Cuts Project introduces its new young commission


    The global arms control architecture is crumbling, arms control treaties are eroding, and a new arms race is well underway – including nuclear modernization and armament. This is why the Deep Cuts…

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  • Event Announcement: Europe can do more

    Digital discussion event of the FES and the EKD Brussels Office on the occasion of the presentation of the Peace Report 2021.

    The European Union faces fundamental challenges in the area of foreign, security and defence policy. Relations with Russia have reached a new low. China is gaining ground in the game of the great…

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  • Event Announcement: The Politics of Digital Humanitarianism

    Humanitarian actors increasingly rely on digital technologies such as satellite remote sensing, drones and Artificial Intelligence in the governance of international crises. NGOs such as the Red Cross…

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  • Digital Kick-Off for the ZUSE-Project


    Since the start of the project in February, the members of the BMBF-funded research network Solidarity through Security? Discourses, Interactions and Practices of European Solidarity in the Field of…

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  • New IFSH Policy Brief: Advancing Peacebuilding from the Ground up

    Karolina Kluczewska, Anna Kreikemeyer

    International peacebuilding has struggled for years with problems in implementing local ownership. Despite claims of prioritizing local ownership in peacebuilding, top-down approaches still dominate…

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