Our research is based on a broad and comprehensive understanding of peace and security issues. We focus on the European peace project, social upheavals and their consequences for internal security, arms control and new military technologies, and the influence of climate change on security policy.

European Peace and Security Orders

How can we design strong and effective cooperation in matters of European peace and security? Projects in this research area analyse the implications and interregional interdependencies of peace and security policies in a broader European context.

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Societal Peace and Internal Security

Democracies are facing new challenges such as anti-liberal and extremist movements. We examine the causes and clarify the role that social media in particular plays in politically- or religiously-motivated violence.

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Arms control and Emerging Technologies

This interdisciplinary research area deals with the complex interplay of armament and arms control and examines the risks of emerging technologies in terms of security policy.

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Climate Research

In close cooperation with the University of Hamburg, we examine the global consequences of climate change on conflict, security and peace.

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