Our Publications

Our researchers publish their work in different formats. We publish our research findings in national and international academic journals or books, while the IFSH Policy Brief series provides commentaries on current events in the field of peace and security. Team members present current research results in the publication series Research Reports. In collaboration with other leading peace research institutes from Germany, the IFSH is one of the editors of the annual "Peace Report". Since the 1970s, IFSH has published a book series "Democracy, Security, and Peace". Another major publication is the OSCE Yearbook, which is unique as an independent academic periodical on the OSCE. The institute also hosts the editorial team of "S+F. Security and Peace", one of Germany's leading academic journals on peace research and security policy.

    Latest Publications

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    New IFSH Research Report: A Climate for Change in the UNSC?

    Dr. Judith Nora Hardt und Alina Viehoff

    To what extent do the 15 current member states of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) perceive climate change as a threat to their own security and security worldwide? To what extent do they…

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