The OSCE Yearbook was published by IFSH, in cooperation with Nomos, from 1995 to 2019. It comprised analyses from researchers and practitioners on developments in OSCE participating States and regions as well as on topics including conflict management, arms control, and democratization. Contributions also examined changes to the executive structures and institutions of the OSCE.
Due to the authors’ diverse geographical and professional backgrounds, the OSCE Yearbook covered a broad range of OSCE-related topics. The OSCE Yearbook also revealed dynamics over time, serving as a record of the institutional history of the organization. All contributions were published in English, German, and Russian.
The OSCE Yearbook was financially supported by the German Federal Foreign Office and produced in close cooperation with the OSCE, especially the Secretariat in Vienna. The German Federal Foreign Office also supports its successor series, OSCE Insights, which presents policy papers on current OSCE-related topics.