The OSCE Yearbook has been published annually by the IFSH in German, English, and Russian since 1995. It reaches an international readership and reflects the philosophy of the OSCE: security through inclusiveness, dialogue, and co-operation in the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian area.
The OSCE Yearbook contains both academic analyses and reports from political and diplomatic practice on events and developments in the field of European security and in selected OSCE participating States and regions. It also focuses on the Organization’s responsibilities and activities – from conflict prevention and crisis management to the promotion of democracy and human rights to regional arms control.

The international range of editors and authors – renowned academics from various disciplines, politicians, diplomats, and OSCE insiders from the Organization’s specialist departments, field operations, and institutions – ensures a broad spectrum of opinions, practical orientation, and contemporary relevance, as well as an academic basis and a supraregional and international perspective.
The Yearbook is not an official publication of the OSCE, but receives a great deal of support from the Organization, in particular from the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna. The German Federal Foreign Office bears some of the production costs, but independence in terms of content is ensured at all times.

The OSCE Yearbook is published by Nomos-Verlag, Baden-Baden.

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