The Berlin Office is committed to the exchange of knowledge in a variety of formats. Together with our partners from science, civil society, and politics, the Berlin Office organises public discussions on the IFSH’s current research foci. Additionally, we hold formalised events and event series on a regular basis.

Event Formats

IFSH Briefing: In this series of confidential background briefings, the IFSH presents current research results to representatives from government and parliament as well as experts from the academic and think tank community. The focus is on the discussion of political recommendations for action with various decision-makers.

IFSH Parliamentary Briefing: In this dialogue and exchange format, researchers from the knowledge transfer and research project Arms Control and Emerging Technologies offer their expertise to members of the German Bundestag and their staff.

Disarmament Briefing: Led by Oliver Meier, parliamentarians, other decision-makers and experts discus current issues related to disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation in a confidential setting.

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Berlin Staff

The Berlin office is led by Anja Dahlmann. Together with Theres Klose, who is responsible for event management, and Elanur Alsac, who provides support as a student employee, she works to make the research of IFSH in Berlin known to political decision-makers as well as the broader public.

Oliver Meier’s research in the project Arms Control and Emerging Technologies is particularly focussed on problems related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and on possibilities of their control. He advises the German government, the Bundestag and civil society on these topics in numerous public and non-public events and meetings.

Maren Vieluf and Franziska Stärk oversee the work of Deep Cuts Commission, which is led by Oliver Meier.

Together with Alexander Kelle, Oliver Meier also works on the research and knowledge transfer project Investigating and Penalizing Chemical Weapons Use. Global Security Governance and Compliance with Multilateral Disarmament Treaties, which is funded by the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) and is also located in Berlin.

The IFSH Policy Brief: Trenchant assessments of current topics in the fields of peace and security