Living and studying in Hamburg

There are many advantages to studying in Hamburg. Hamburg is a very liveable city: it is urban yet green, and it is liberal and cosmopolitan. Many well-known companies, organisations and foundations are headquartered here, making the job market attractive for university graduates.

However, Hamburg is also an expensive city. Students here have above-average living costs. This is primarily due to the scarcity of housing, which drives up rental prices. According to the most recent survey by the German National Association for Student Affairs (DSW), a room in a shared flat in Hamburg costs an average of 453 Euros. Housing in one of the numerous DSW residence halls can be more affordable. You may be able to find rooms there starting from 230 Euros. A list of (commercial) housing offers can also help to find suitable accommodation. It is recommended to start looking as soon as possible as you can.

Being a student costs money — money for housing, food and transport. A DSW survey estimates that young people studying in Hamburg need to budget a little over 1000 Euros per month.

Additional useful information can be found on the University of Hamburg website, in particular: