There is war in Ukraine. Many people, also here in Hamburg, are asking themselves how it could come to the war, what the concrete background is and what consequences the war will have – for Ukraine, for Europe, for all of us.

With “Ask the IFSH!”, the IFSH offers current peace and security policy discussion formats, especially for Hamburg residents but also for other citizens. Our researchers discuss the war in Ukraine with you in an informative and descriptive manner – in person or virtual (e.g. via Zoom). Whether school classes, associations, citizens' initiatives, etc., we answer your questions, explain complex issues and discuss peace policy perspectives together with you.

Our range of topics

In view of the focal points of our researchers' work, we are happy to agree to inquiries on the following topics:

  • Europe's role and cohesion on the road to peace – shoulder to shoulder or division?
  • Paths to peace: What are the chances of sanctions, negotiations and peace agreements?
  • What comes after the war? Scenarios for a future peace order in Europe
  • Peace through democracy – An outdated agenda?
  • Multiple Crises: Interconnections of the Ukraine war with other crises and conflicts in the world.
  • Between fuel prices and cooking oil – The climate and energy policy dimensions of the Ukraine war
  • How important is (humanitarian) international law in the Ukraine war? What are the options for punishing war crimes?
  • Equipping or rearming? On the future of the Bundeswehr
  • The consequences of the Ukraine war for disarmament and arms control
  • Deterring Russia, defending Eastern Europe – but how and by what military means?
  • Thinking about the bomb – is Europe threatened by a new nuclear arms race?
  • The use of chemical weapons: how to verify, how to follow up, how to punish?
  • The Ukraine War, Propaganda and Social Media – Implications for Germany
  • Right-wing extremist milieus in Germany and the Ukraine war – new alliances and divisions
  • Nothing left to hide? Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in the Ukraine War

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