Programme Information

The programme of the University of Hamburg is a four-semester master's programme (with an option for a two-semester curriculum) starting each winter semester. The programme is offered in cooperation with the University of Hamburg and leading academic and security policy institutions within the framework of the Co-operation Network Peace Research and Security Policy (KoFrieS). After completing their studies successfully, students acquire the degree Master of Arts (M.A.) in Peace and Security Studies.

The curriculum begins with an orientation unit. Afterwards, students start with the basic modules "Fundamentals and Methods of Peace and Security Reseach" and "Normative Issues in Peace and Security Research". The profile modules "Security Studies" and "Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Peace and Security" are the core modules of the master’s programme. In the "Practice Module", students acquire practical skills, job-specific qualifications, and knowledge about possible occupational fields and their requirements. Students are required to do an internship at one of the cooperating institutes involved in the programme (KoFrieS). In addition, there is a field trip to visit national institutions, think tanks, and civil society organizations in Berlin. In the “final module” students are required to write a Master's thesis. This is illustrated in the Model Study Plan “Peace and Security Studies” for 4 Semesters.  The one-year curriculum is a shortened form of the two-year programme, as exemplified in the Model Study Plan “Peace and Security Studies” for 2 Semesters.

Programme Director: Prof. Dr. Ursula Schröder
Programme Coordinator: Dr Anne Menzel

The application period is 15 February to 31 March 2024.