Our researchers publish IFSH Brief Analyses on current topics. The short analysis format is aimed specifically at a non-scientific audience that wants to be informed quickly and yet profoundly.

  • The Case of Zaporizhzhia: Making International Nuclear Safety and Security Fit for Conflict

    IFSH Brief analysis by Maria Kurando


    "The situation at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant illustrates the insufficiency of international nuclear safety and security mechanisms in the face of threats from state actors." (Maria Kurando

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  • The impact of the Ukraine war on countries in crisis – the example of Lebanon

    IFSH Brief Analysis by Viktoria Budde


    "If the international community wants to mitigate the war’s consequences for people living in states facing crises, it must not reduce its support despite the increased costs caused by the war in…

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  • Non-violence and Ukraine

    IFSH Brief Analysis by Dr Neil Renic


    "Non-violent struggle has a limited but important role to play in the Russia-Ukraine war." (Dr Neil Renic)

    Russia’s violent assault on Ukraine is morally and legally indefensible. The Ukrainian…

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  • Towards a cold peace

    IFSH Brief Analysis by Dr Hans-Georg Ehrhart


    "Given the real danger of mutual nuclear annihilation and the high cost of such a long war a cold peace would be preferable. That is why Putin should not be treated as persona non grata with whom…

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  • Europe’s achilles heel: asymmetric interdependence in energy policy

    IFSH Brief Analysis by Dr Aline Bartenstein

    "EU member states must learn from their old missteps in energy policy. The EU needs a common external energy policy based on solidarity and a collective European security interest." (Dr Aline…

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  • Bioweapons in Ukraine? What to make of Russian allegations

    Russia accuses Ukraine of developing chemical and biological weapons and alleges that Kyiv is preparing to use such weapons. Experts of Germany’s leading peace research institutes explain in a joint explanatory piece what risks biological and chemical weapons pose in the Ukraine war and why it is so important to oppose unfounded allegations of noncompliance with international treaties prohibiting chemical weapons and biological weapons.
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  • The Russian Attack on Ukraine: Brief Analyses from the IFSH

    War has returned to Europe. This war is destroying human lives, families and livelihoods all over Ukraine. This war is also destroying trust that has grown over decades – trust in declarations such as the Helsinki Accords and in the many years of cooperation on disarmament, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence.
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