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  • Video: IFSH Panel Discussion on Military Applications of Emerging and Evolving Technologies

    Are cyber and space technologies and unmanned weapons systems such as drones so-called "game changers" in war? Which new developments already exist, which are still in the test phase and how could…

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  • Recent publications on international cybersecurity policy

    Dr. Mischa Hansel, Fabiola Schwarz, Dr. Jantje Silomon


    In their article "Bug Bounties: Between New Regulations and Geopolitical Dynamics", Dr Jantje Silomon, Dr Mischa Hansel and Fabiola Schwarz focus on bug bounty programmes (BBP) and their impact on…

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  • New Publication: Options for dealing with Russia in the OSCE

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  • Prof. Dr Götz Neuneck receives Cross of Merit


    Prof. Dr Götz Neuneck, former Deputy Director of the IFSH and long-time head of the research area IFAR², has been awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (“Verdienstkreuz am…

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  • New Research Report: How promising are approaches to trust-building in conflict societies?

    Viktoria Budde, Dr Karoline Eickhoff

    In their Research Report, "Fostering Constructive Relations: Approaches to Trust-Building in Peacebuilding Interventions", Viktoria Budde and Dr Karoline Eickhoff address the question of how…

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  • 25th Anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Convention: Launch of new research project

    Kick-off event at Hamburg State Representation in Berlin

    The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) is one of the most successful disarmament treaties of all time. Almost all states have signed the agreement, and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical…

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  • Podcast: What consequences does the Ukraine war have for the OSCE?


    What does Russia’s war against Ukraine mean for the OSCE? Are Western states still able and willing to take joint decisions with Russia, in an organization that requires consensus? Dr. habil.…

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  • The impact of the Ukraine war on countries in crisis – the example of Lebanon

    IFSH Brief Analysis by Viktoria Budde


    "If the international community wants to mitigate the war’s consequences for people living in states facing crises, it must not reduce its support despite the increased costs caused by the war in…

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  • Non-violence and Ukraine

    IFSH Brief Analysis by Dr Neil Renic


    "Non-violent struggle has a limited but important role to play in the Russia-Ukraine war." (Dr Neil Renic)

    Russia’s violent assault on Ukraine is morally and legally indefensible. The Ukrainian…

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  • Towards a cold peace

    IFSH Brief Analysis by Dr Hans-Georg Ehrhart


    "Given the real danger of mutual nuclear annihilation and the high cost of such a long war a cold peace would be preferable. That is why Putin should not be treated as persona non grata with whom…

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