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  • Nuclear threat of the war in Ukraine? Interview in The Irish Times


    In an interview with The Irish Times, Dr. Ulrich Kühn talks about the nuclear danger of the war in Ukraine and the behavior of Russian President Putin. Putin's rationality is difficult to assess,…

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  • Start of a new research project on chemical and biological weapons

    With the suspected use of chemical weapons in Mariupol in the Ukraine, chemical and biological weapons have once again aroused public interest. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)…

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  • IFSH leads new project on conspiracy theories and right-wing extremist ideologies

    Mobilizations on the Internet and protests on the streets have already been showing increasing overlaps and mixtures of conspiracy theories and far-right ideologies in terms of content for several…

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  • New Publication: The Crisis of Nuclear Arms Control

    Dr Ulrich Kühn

    In his article for the Journal ZeFKo Studies in Peace and Conflict, Dr. Ulrich Kühn examines the history of arms control between the United States and Russia. The article is divided into three parts.…

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  • Europe’s achilles heel: asymmetric interdependence in energy policy

    IFSH Brief Analysis by Dr Aline Bartenstein

    "EU member states must learn from their old missteps in energy policy. The EU needs a common external energy policy based on solidarity and a collective European security interest." (Dr Aline…

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  • Smaller nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine? Interview with The New York Times and CNN


    The war in Ukraine is not going well for Russia, says expert Dr. Ulrich Kühn in an interview with The New York Times. While pressure from the West on Russia is rising, so is the threat of Russia…

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  • Bioweapons in Ukraine? What to make of Russian allegations

    Russia accuses Ukraine of developing chemical and biological weapons and alleges that Kyiv is preparing to use such weapons. Experts of Germany’s leading peace research institutes explain in a joint explanatory piece what risks biological and chemical weapons pose in the Ukraine war and why it is so important to oppose unfounded allegations of noncompliance with international treaties prohibiting chemical weapons and biological weapons.
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  • Human Augmentation and Nuclear Risk: The Value of a Few Seconds

    Marina Favaro, Dr Elke Schwarz

    In her latest piece for Arms Control Association IFSH Visiting Research Fellow Marina Favaro, together with Dr. Elke Schwarz (Queen Mary University of London), discusses the possible future impact of…

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  • What is the risk of nuclear escalation in Ukraine? Interview with The New York Times

    In an interview with The New York Times, Dr. Ulrich Kühn talks about a possible nuclear escalation in the Ukraine war. The danger is extremely low, but not zero. American domestic politics also…

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  • The Russian Attack on Ukraine: Brief Analyses from the IFSH

    War has returned to Europe. This war is destroying human lives, families and livelihoods all over Ukraine. This war is also destroying trust that has grown over decades – trust in declarations such as the Helsinki Accords and in the many years of cooperation on disarmament, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence.
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