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  • Debate on nuclear threats and the war in the Ukraine


    On James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies’ Webinar Series on Nuclear Threats and the war in the Ukraine Dr. Ulrich Kühn with Dr. Nikolai Sokov (VCDNP) and Dr. Hanna Notte (VCDNP),…

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  • Is there a way out of this war? TV debate on France24



    Dr. Ulrich Kühn, head of the research area Arms Control and Emerging Technologies, speaks about the nuclear threat and arms deliveries for the Ukraine in the English language TV show ‘The Debate’…

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  • How great is the danger of an inadvertent escalation between Russia and NATO?


    February 24, 2022 marks a historical watershed for global peace and security. Violating international law, Vladimir Putin of Russia has ordered an illegal full-fledged assault on the entire Ukraine.…

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  • "All-in" for Status. Russia's Risky Wargame with (in) Europe

    Commentary in Russian Analytical Digest by Dr Regina Heller and Professor Maria Raquel Freire

    In the recent issue of Russian Analytical Digest, Regina Heller and Maria Raquel Freire comment on the Kremlin's calculus of action in the Ukraine crisis. 

    Read the comment here.

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  • Putin’s power game - TV talk at Deutsche Welle


    The situation around Ukraine remains tense, despite signals of de-escalation. Will President Putin succeed with his threats? What should the West do now? IFSH's Russia expert Regina Heller discussed…

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  • A Letter from Moscow: (In)divisible Security and Helsinki 2.0


    The conflict over Ukraine continues to escalate. A recently published letter from the Russian Foreign Ministry criticizes the seemingly one-sided interpretation of the OSCE principle of the…

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  • Statement by the Deep Cuts Commission on Defusing the Ukraine Crisis through Arms Control  


    The tensions between Russia, Ukraine and NATO create the potential for a disastrous war that can and must be avoided through serious and deft diplomacy. 

    The Deep Cuts Commission calls on Russia,…

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  • International Cybersecurity: Workshop on Promises and Pitfalls of a Global Cybercrime Convention


    The harmful effects of cross-border criminal cyber-attacks were made abundantly clear as hospitals, energy providers, and other infrastructure services were indiscriminately hit or even directly…

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  • New Young Deep Cuts Policy Brief

    Publication tackles risks arising at the cyber-nuclear nexus

    In the latest Young Deep Cuts Policy Brief “'Hacking’ Away at Risks Arising at the Cyber-Nuclear Nexus”, Commissioners Grace Kier, Lindsay Rand and Tim Thies analyse the growing risks at the…

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  • Bloomberg article on Germany and the USA’s Different Approach to Russia


    Both Germany and the US are trying to deescalate the conflict between Ukraine and Russia through diplomatic channels. Still, however, the German government hesitates to take a tougher line on…

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