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  • 15 Minutes to Save the World - The Guardian



    Stepping into the role of the U.S. president, Guardian reporter Julian Borger took part in a virtual simulation developed by IFSH nuclear expert Dr Moritz Kütt and Professor Sharon Weiner…

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  • "From the right of the strongest to the strength of the law": IFSH quotes with international reach

    Dr Margret Johannsen
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  • Watch online: Willy Brandt’s Legacy of Promoting Peace

    IFSH Director participates in panel discussion with NATO and OSCE Secretaries General

    During the confrontational Cold War era, Willy Brandt chose to pursue dialogue. His commitment to fostering cooperation within Europe ultimately led to the creation of the Common Foreign and Security…

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  • New Policy Brief: Trust-Building in Security and Rule of Law Partnerships

    Viktoria Budde, Dr. Karoline Eickhoff

    For effective and legitimate governance, it is essential that citizens trust the political leadership of their country. The behaviour of state security institutions, such as the police and the…

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  • This year’s winners of the second OSCE-IFSH Essay Competition


    It was a close call this year: The jury named Anna Nadibaidze (28, University of Southern Denmark), Nicolò Miotto (23, Karls-Universität Prag) and Claudia Ditel (27, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)…

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  • Why Did the Hoped-for Peace Dividend Not Materialise in the 1990s?

    Professor Dr Michael Brzoska
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  • Event tip, 8 December: 50th Anniversary of Willy Brandt winning the Nobel Peace Prize

    Panel discussion and ceremonial act of the FES and Bundeskanzler-Willy-Brandt-Stiftung

    50 years ago, on 10 December 1971, the German Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo for his committed work for détente and peace in Europe. The Nobel Committee paid…

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  • IFSH Report Provides Incoming Federal Government with Recommendations on Arms Control

    Christopher Fichtlscherer, Dr Pia Fuhrhop, Dr Alexander Graef, Dr Mischa Hansel, Dr Alexander Kelle, Dr Ulrich Kühn, Dr Moritz Kütt, Dr Oliver Meier, Dr Neil Renic, Professor Dr Elvira Rosert, Dr Jantje Silomon, Franziska Stärk, Maren Vieluf

    In the coming years, the new German federal government will be faced with three difficult arms control issues. The government must create new approaches, protect existing ones, and further develop…

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  • Watch online: How can peace research and peace education produce and disseminate knowledge?

    Event organised by the IFSH and the Berghof Foundation

    The IFSH and the Berghof Foundation: Both institutes marked their 50th anniversaries in 2021, and both spread knowledge and ideas for a more peaceful and secure world.
    As part of their anniversary…

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  • Roundtable: Dilemmas of Security Sector Reform Processes


    The Federal Foreign Office and the Research and Knowledge Transfer Office Security Sector Reform (SSR Hub) of IFSH hosted the "Roundtable on Security Sector Reform" on 18 November. During this…

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