Best Article: Prize 2019 goes to Dr Regina Heller

Dr. Regina Heller

Cover East European Politics

Dr Regina Heller is awarded the Best Article Prize 2019 from the journal East European Politics for her article “From Community Politics to the Politicisation of Community: the role of identity in Eurasian economic integration”.

In her article, Regina Heller examines the role of identity in the political and economic (re-)ordering of the post-Soviet space by tracing the enabling and constraining effects of regime identities in Russia and Kazakhstan on the integration process within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The article is part of a Special Issue entitled “The re-politicisation of international relations in the post-Soviet space”.

In their justification for the award decision, the journal editors honour and emphasize the article’s academic value as it “offers a genuinely novel and innovative approach to studying economic integration in this complex region”.

The article is freely accessible via East European Politics’ homepage for the coming year: