Hamburg Peace Researcher at the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference

Dr. des. Alexander Graef

Dr. des. Alexander Graef auf der Ostseeparlamentarierkonferenz

(c) Copyright Agnes Rogowski

The IFSH had the honour of giving a guest lecture at this year's Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference in Oslo. During the first session, IFSH Russia expert Dr Alexander Graef spoke on the topic of peace and security in the Baltic Sea region and explained in particular what role arms control and confidence-building measures can play in this context.
Representatives from more than 20 national and regional parliaments and experts spent three days in Oslo discussing cooperation between the Baltic Sea states. The focus was on protecting the oceans and the future of working life.

The Hamburg Parliament also took part in the conference with President Carola Veit and a delegation of members of parliament.
The Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC) was founded in 1991 after the end of the bloc confrontation to promote cooperation between national and regional parliaments in the Baltic Sea states.