IFSH Researcher Joins International Advisory Board of the Peace Research Center Prague

Dr. Ulrich Kühn (c) IFSH

Dr. Ulrich Kühn, head of the IFSH research area Arms Control and Emerging Technologies, was recently appointed to the newly founded International Advisory Board of the Peace Research Centre Prague (PRCP). This international body advises the PRCP on scholarly and strategic decisions. It meets once a year under the chairmanship of former PRIF Director Prof. Dr. Harald Müller.

The PRCP, which was founded in 2018 at Charles University in Prague by Prof. Dr. Michal Smetana, maintains long-standing and close scientific relations with IFSH’s research area on "Arms Control and Emerging Technologies". Ondřej Rosendorf, a current PhD student at PRCP, is conducting research at IFSH. 

You can find out more about the high-ranking composition of the PRCP Advisory Board here.