More credibility in climate security efforts - a blog post

Prof. Dr. Michael Brzoska, Dr. Nora Judith Hardt and Alina Viehoff

Even after Germany's membership in the United Nations Security Council, the German government should strive to keep the issue of climate change on the international agenda. Judith Nora Hardt, Michael Brzoska and Alina Viehoff argue for this in their latest PeaceLab blog post "Climate Security in the UN Security Council: Achieving more with more knowledge and more credibility". In it, the researchers define important factors that should guide the German government. In particular, the authors see the development of a broad and sustainable understanding of security as indispensable in order to ensure the credibility of the Federal Republic of Germany in peace and security policy in the future.

The article is based on the results of the IFSH research project "Climate Change and Security in the United Nations Security Council", which was carried out in cooperation with the research group "Climate Change and Security" at the University of Hamburg from 2019-2020. The article was published under the following link: