New contributions in the "Russian Analytical Digest”

Dr. U. Kühn, Dr. A. Graef, Dr. O. Meier

In the latest issue of the academic journal russian analytical digest three IFSH peace researchers contributed new publications on strategic stability, the European arms control regime and a commentary on the attempted assassination of Alexei Navalny in the context of the Chemical Weapons Prohibition.
Ulrich Kühn, head of the Arms Control and Emerging Technologies project, together with Liana Fix lays out how strategic stability in the 21st century needs to be rethought in order to address emerging challenges. Different definitions of concepts and asymmetric capabilities between actors are calling for innovative arms control concepts.
Alexander Graef, an IFSH expert on Russian foreign and military policy, explains in his publication how the European arms control regime is at a crossroads and that unless the relationship between NATO and Russia improves, Europe´s military stability will be further weakened.
Oliver Meier offers a commentary on Navalny, Russia and the Chemical Weapon Prohibition. He argues that Russia’s handling of the accusations to be responsible for the Novichok attack on Alexei Navalny is a test for its role within the Chemical Weapons Convention.

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The three article are also available in German.