New Issue Brief of the Deep Cuts Project about the Treaty on Open Skies

Lina-Marieke Hilgert

A picture, it is said, is worth 1,000 words. The air image-centric Treaty on Open Skies embodies that concept perfectly. The sharp pictures shared among all the parties to the treaty create more certainty than words ever could. In a world of growing mistrust and uncertainty over military intentions, the 34-nation agreement provides transparency across the Euro-Atlantic between Vancouver and Vladivostok.
Despite that fact, it seems as if the Trump Administration is moving to withdraw from the treaty. The furious pushback from both allies and bipartisan experts seems to have granted the agreement a temporary reprieve. Unfortunately, Open Skies is by no means out of danger. While some critics will never be sated, it is incumbent upon treaty advocates to find solutions to the ongoing compliance problems with the agreement.

The full Issue Brief is available free of charge on the Deep Cuts project’s website.