New publication with two IFSH contributions: Political Islamism as a Hybrid Actor with Global Reach (in German)

Reem Ahmed and Dr Patricia Schneider

What drives the actors of Political Islam(ism)? What are their intentions and how do various actors within the scene go about recruiting people, building social connections and ensuring loyalty? How does radicalisation and recruitment take place in mosques, on the internet and elsewhere? How can relevant financial flows be traced back to backers and governments?

Given the tension between Islamophobia on the one hand and terrorism and the infiltration of liberal-democratic societies on the other, it is important to identify the proponents of radical Islamist movements and to shed light on their tactics and messaging. Placed in the context of the hybrid conflicts taking place worldwide – the campaigns for money, power and influence – radical Islamist movements act with subversive means in order to achieve their goals.

The contributions in this anthology offer a fresh, comprehensive, and deep insight into the multi-layered topic of political Islam in the context of hybrid threats, including two contributions from the IFSH: Patricia Schneider deals with the current challenges posed by maritime terrorism and sea piracy. Reem Ahmed explores the issue of agitation and polarisation in the digital space.

Der Politische Islamismus als hybrider Akteur globaler Reichweite. Die liberale demokratische Ordnung muss ihre Resilienz stärken. Thomas Jäger und Ralph Thiele (Hrsg.)

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