Online Book Launch “International Relations in the Anthropocene”


On April 29, 2021 the textbook “International Relations in the Anthropocene: New Agendas, New Agencies and New Approaches”, edited by David Chandler, Franziska Müller and IFSH climate-expert Delf Rothe will be published with Palgrave. The book offers an accessible introduction for students of International Relations and beyond to the challenges and problems of the Anthropocene age – the latest geological epoch that is marked by dramatic human-made change of our planet. The 25 short chapters of the volume discuss core themes and issues of International Relations, including but not limited to challenges to peace and security, democracy and (global) governance as well as international cooperation.

On April 15, a virtual panel with selected authors hosted by the European International Studies Association will introduce the book. Further information and the registration link for this event can be found here.