OSCE Insights publications on OSCE’s vitality

Dr. Wolfgang Zellner, Prof. Andrei Zagorski

The two new OSCE Insights publications by Andrei Zagorski and Wolfgang Zellner discuss ways to strengthen OSCE’s vitality. Zagorski explains how the CSCE survived thanks to what he calls asymmetric bargaining. Asymmetric bargaining reflected the divergent interests of participating States and created the space for balanced progress to be achieved across the different CSCE baskets. Drawing on lessons from the CSCE Zagorski suggests that states could use the OSCE as a forum for clarifying ambiguous principles. Zellner proposes an interim strategy that relies on informal arrangements and maximizes the OSCE’s options. His strategy foresees a strong role for the Chairperson-in-Office and the Troika, and greater engagement with the South Caucasus and the Central Asian states.

You can read the papers here:

Andrei Zagorski: The CSCE: Lessons from the Past

Wolfgang Zellner: Beyond Muddling Through: Towards an OSCE Interim Approach