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Körber Strategic Stability Initiative - A joint project with the Körber Foundation

How can we prevent competition between great powers from escalating into open military conflict? In cooperation with the IFSH, the Körber Strategic Stability Initiative developed 19 policy recommendations for the future of strategic stabilityand launched these recommendations on an interactive website.

The erosion of arms control regimes, the return of great power competition and fears of a new global arms race – amplified by technological innovations – pose a fundamental challenge to stability and security in the 21st century. While the era of bilateral arms control treaties dating from the Cold War is coming to an end, new actors that play a significant role in global peace and security have emerged. These developments call for a rethinking of traditional concepts of arms control and strategic stability, and require creative approaches for peaceful cooperation between the major powers. Over the course of one year, the Körber Strategic Stability Initiative (KSSI) – a cooperation between the IFSH and the Körber Foundation– regularly convenes a group of experts from China, Russia, the United States and Europe to develop policy options for current challenges in the areas of Strategic Stability (the circumstances whereby nuclear weapons provide the benefits of deterrence without generating incentives for first use) and arms control. On 1st July 2021 Körber-Stiftung and the IFSH hosted in cooperation with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace a launch event on the occasion of the publication.

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You can find the 19 policy recommendations from the Körber Strategic Stability Initiative here.