Virtual Reality Project "Nuclear Biscuit" on Capitol Hill

Sharon Weiner and Moritz Kütt presenting the "Nuclear Biscuit" VR experience in Capitol Hill. (c) Sharon Weiner, Moritz Kütt


"The Nuclear Biscuit" is a Virtual Reality experience that lets participants experience the stress and anxiety of US-presidential decision making in a nuclear crisis. From January 10 to 13 January, Sharon Weiner (American University) and IFSH researcher Moritz Kütt presented the VR experience to policy makers on Capitol Hill. Representatives of both parties, as well as more than 30 senior staff members of US Senate and House got to decide how they would respond to warnings of an incoming nuclear attack.

Sharon’s and Moritz's work in Washington, D.C. was also featured in a clip of "The News with Shepard Smith" from the US TV station CNBC: Watch here.

The Nuclear Biscuit was also presented at the Munich Security Conference in 2020. Read the news article here.