Video: IFSH Panel Discussion on Military Applications of Emerging and Evolving Technologies

Are cyber and space technologies and unmanned weapons systems such as drones so-called "game changers" in war? Which new developments already exist, which are still in the test phase and how could they also be used militarily? These and other questions were addressed at a digital panel discussion held by the Berlin IFSH office on 18 May. The event was part of the German Forum for Security Policy of the Federal Academy for Security Policy.

With more than 60 international participants from politics, academia and business, the speakers Dr. Mischa Hansel, Andrea Rotter (Hanns-Seidel-Foundation) and Dr Neil Renic discussed how new technologies and technical applications in the cyber domain, in space or on the battlefield (e.g. unmanned weapons systems) can affect current and ongoing conflicts, where they bring military or other advantages and what legal challenges they pose. The event was moderated by Anja Dahlmann, head of the IFSH Berlin office,

A recording of the panel discussion can be found on the IFSH YouTube channel