New Young Deep Cuts Policy Brief

Publication outlines roadmap for U.S.-Russian Arms Control

In its latest Policy Brief "Revitalizing U.S.-Russia Arms Control: An Integrated Approach" Young Deep Cuts Commissioners Vladislav Chernavskikh, Jarret Fisher and Patricia Jaworek outline how progress can be reached in U.S.-Russian arms control efforts amid rising tensions. They recommend, on the one hand, advancing the bilateral arms control agenda based on the strategic stability dialogue and, on the other, utilizing the P5 process and engaging NATO to advance global risk reduction.
The authors argue that the United States and Russia should address mutual concerns in the Strategic Stability Dialogue and create the foundation for a follow-on to New START. Both sides should also consider flexible approaches to arms control, including deeper cuts to existing arsenals via executive agreements. They further call on nuclear weapon states to establish permanent working groups and a standing track 1.5 dialogue on risk reduction within the P5 process, facilitate U.S. and Chinese ratification of the CTBT and collectively reaffirm existing moratoria on nuclear testing Lastly, Chernavskikh, Fisher and Jaworek see a crucial role for NATO. The alliance should reform its dual-track strategy to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons and rebalance nuclear deterrence in favor of arms control. It should also begin negotiations with Russia on an achievable legal agreement on the non-deployment of INF-range missiles.

The Young Deep Cuts Commission (YDCC) is a group of twelve young arms control experts from Germany, Russia, and the United States with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. The Young Commissioners develop fresh ideas to strengthen and revitalize nuclear arms control and disarmament. YDCC is part of the Deep Cuts project, an independent, nongovernmental initiative, which provides decision-makers as well as the interested public with concrete policy options based on realistic analysis.

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