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  • Deep Cuts Commission members at NPT Review Conference call for resumption of arms control talks


    On August 10, the Challenges to Deep Cuts Project organized a side event at the 10th Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Participants and panelists at the event…

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  • Dr Ulrich Kühn on the "Military Matters" podcast


    He feels like he is in the film "Back to the Future", explains arms control expert Dr Ulrich Kühn in an interview on the "Military Matters" podcast about the current security situation in Europe. We…

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  • A Stress Test for Nuclear Deterrence - Article in IPS


    In their article in IPS, Maren Vieluf, Caroline Fehl, and Sascha Hach (both HSFK/PRIF) argue that the West should advocate for no first strike to counter the looming erosion of global arms control.…

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  • IFSH Scientists at UN Conference on Disarmament in New York


    Reducing nuclear risks and nuclear arsenals remain high on the NPT agenda, even more so against the background of the war against Ukraine. The trilateral German-Russian-U.S. Deep Cuts Commission has…

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  • IFSH Receives a 100,000 US Dollar Grant for a Research Project on Germany’s Politics on Nuclear Weapons

    Recent years have seen a remarkable uptick in German nuclear debates – even before Russia’s renewed aggression against Ukraine. The spectrum of potential political options discussed ranges from a…

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  • Interested Hamburgers visit IFSH


    Within the framework of the forum “Ask the IFSH”, the IFSH invites interested Hamburgers to talk to the institute’s scientists and learn about current peace and security policy issues.
    In this…

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  • Does the OSCE have a future? New contribution to OSCE Insights


    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has raised questions about the future of the OSCE: How can any institution dedicated to co-operation and security include the Russian Federation? In his contribution to

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  • TPNW Member States Follow Recommendations from IFSH and Princeton Researchers

    From 21 to June 23, the first meeting of State parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) was held Vienna. In a statement at the meeting, IFSH researcher Moritz Kütt presented…

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  • The Role of Science in Times of Complex Crisis

    Kick-off event of the Hamburg Forum for Global Science and Policy

    The war in Ukraine has recently shown that geopolitical changes and international crisis fundamentally affect global science systems, actions at universities and research institutions as well as…

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  • Debating the Future of the OSCE


    Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine violates core principles of international law. It also raises questions about the future of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in…

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