Master of Peace and Security Studies (M.A.)

If working towards peace — whether in academia or in practice — is your goal, this degree programme will provide you with the prerequisites. It is designed for students who have already completed at least a bachelor’s degree.

Our Master's programme combines theory and practice, and provides an overview of concepts and theories of peace research. It is unique in its interdisciplinary focus. In addition to a social-sciences perspective on peace and security, the programme also provides insights from ethics, human rights, economics and the natural sciences. This is made possible through close co-operation with other academic institutions at home and abroad whose work is thematically related to that of the IFSH. The programme’s courses draw on the following topics: current conflicts, foreign policy developments, structural problems and strategies for avoiding or minimising violent conflicts.

The variety of topics in this course of study is reflected in the diversity of its students, who hail from countries all over the world and have diverse academic backgrounds as well. They include not only social scientists, but also engineers, educators and jurists, often with several years of professional experience. During their second semester, students spend several months at one of our affiliated partner institutes and gain hands-on experience. Excursions to the Bundestag in Berlin, the OSCE in Vienna or the European Parliament in Brussels, for example, supplement the courses on offer. Placements from previous years show that our graduates are sought-after specialists on the job market. They work in sectors such as academia, non-governmental organisations and diplomatic service.

The study programme is free of charge.

The programme is supported by an alumni network comprised of a community of current and former students, lecturers and supporters of the institute.


15.2. - 31.3.2022