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Peace and Security Studies (M.A.)

The consecutive programme "Master of Peace and Security Studies – M.P.S." at the University of Hamburg is a trans- and interdisciplinary programme of two semesters' duration, combining theory-based education in the areas of peace research and security policy with a practice-orientated application of methods for research. The prime objective of the course is to provide highly qualified graduates from a national or foreign university and academically trained practitioners of a field-related vocational background with the fundamental basics of the discipline peace studies and security policy, as well as providing them with the instruments applicable for differentiated research in this field. Students will be prepared for a career in academic peace research, international organisations, the media or private companies, peace-keeping and monitoring, verification, development aid, mediation or arbitration, etc. The course is a joint programme of the University of Hamburg and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH). The programme is further guided and partly implemented by a number of co-operating resident institutes of the "Cooperation Network Peace Research and Security Policy" (Kooperationsverbund Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik – KoFrieS). The intense cooperation with the various resident institutes, each concentrating on different issues in the broad field of peace research and security policy, ensures the programme's diversity. The instructional languages of the programme are English and German; students must be able to speak both with adequate fluency. Foreigners are welcome to apply for the course. Admission to the course is limited. A University/Institute joint committee takes responsibility for selection. The programme starts by October each year and runs through August. All students will have the possibility to carry out a period of praxis-orientated research at one of the co-operating resident institutes.

The University of Hamburg applied for accreditation for this course of studies.  The accreditation procedure was carried out by AQAS e.V. on behalf of the German Accreditation Council (Akkretitierungrat) and successfully completed in July 2006 and in 2012. It is valid until 2018.